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NAME: James T. Kirk
CANON: Star Trek Reboot / CRAU
AGE: 27
HEIGHT/BUILD: 1.83 m / 78 kg
VISUAL: Chris Pine reporting

PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Kirk is very touchy but he's also dating a Norse God, so he won't push his luck.
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Kirk loves a good fight, but again, he's not suicidal.
RELATIONSHIPS: Kirk is dating Loki. Flirt with him at your own risk.
PSYCHIC INFORMATION: You may pick up on the fact that he's died before and got revived.

BACKTAGGING: I live in a terrible timezone so I love backtagging and will do it forever.
THREADHOPPING: I am also okay with this.
FOURTHWALLING: Yes plz he's from Star Trek he can handle it.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: I'm uncomfortable with stuff that directly humiliates the character without any control.
ANYTHING ELSE?: Will put something here when I think of something.
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Gone Too Far: Your rage at seeing a living being treated this way has welled up, and the one who was victimized has to pull you back. Can they?

[ Jim still goes to bars, albeit with less reason to hit on people than to enjoy the atmosphere and have a drink. Unfortunately, due to his good looks and charm, trouble finds him. He's knocked down three Klingons before a bunch of others jump him. While it gets the blood pumping, he can't help thinking shit Loki is gonna be pissed ]
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Due to credit card woes, my dudes are on hiatus! That's Clark Kent, Clint Barton, Jim Kirk and Seth Gecko. They will be back once I can ... cover my accounts.
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[ after he's taken him around, he takes Loki to his quarters ]
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Kirk and Spock
Safety First aka the infamous Neuron Cream incident

To be updated with more stuff later. Everyone should watch the Neuron Cream incident.
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On one hand I finally keyworded all my icons.

... On the other hand, I broke all my threads. SORRY.
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Kudou Kazahaya ([personal profile] touch_sensitive) | Activity(ies): feed ducks together; talk about love life
Lelouch vi Britannia ([personal profile] thekingsgambit) | Activity(ies): 3D Chess; talk about family; talk about the future (five years from now)
Ben Tennyson ([personal profile] bentherewonthat) | Activity(ies): make Ben feel bad about his giant ego; smell people together; talk about love life
Haseo ([personal profile] andcheckmyemail) | Activity(ies): write a poem about Camp; TELL HASEO TO CHILL OUT!!!!
Fushimi Sarushiko ([personal profile] flipsthebird) | Activity(ies): talk about friends!!!!; play chess; spar
Aomine Daiki ([personal profile] indomitaball) | Activity(ies): Read porn aloud in the mess hall; play basketball; try to make each other's egos smaller jfc

You can drop a link at my email/gchat (hawkins.virgil at gmail) or use this post to link stuff! I am also checking posts, but it would help if I miss something!
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Transcripts from an interview. Answered by Chris Pine!

CHRIS PINE ON JIM KIRK IN THE 2009 FILM: He’s young. He’s impulsive. He trusts his gut. He listens to his heart. He follows his passions, whichever way they throw him. He’s a man of the flesh, I think—his mind goes along with whatever his beating heart is telling him to move toward. That was a lot of fun to play in the first movie—the guy in the bar who’s drunk and hits on a woman and gets in a fight. That kind of microcosm—that’s the man.

ON WHAT’S CHANGED FOR CAPTAIN KIRK: Coming into the second film, I don’t know how self-aware Jim Kirk is of his own faults. I think he leads with his bravado and thinks he’s just that—just brawn and strength and courage and decisiveness. John Harrison, our bad guy, it’s like he puts up a huge mirror and Kirk finally has to slow down for a minute and look at all that he thinks are his strengths. I think he sees in those strengths a lot of cracks in his armor. He’s brought to his knees, and becomes very vulnerable, very, very insecure and questioning. It’s like he has a mini-—not a mini, a major existential crisis in the midst of a major, world-ending crisis. I don’t know if that’s a sign of masculinity or that’s a sign of being human, of what it means to be human. Being human is being questioning and introspective, I think.

From here
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Who's a spaceship captain with hundreds of people to take care of and sits alone? THIS GUY.
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 Hey kids, Jim Kirk has now new icons and new keywords (when I get around to it). Sorry for the borked threads! Enjoy his face. 
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